Memphis Tennessee

1st (known) logo:


Nickname: Memphis at Dusk

Logo: On a CGI background of Memphis during the evening complete with on the right skyline bridge over water and a huge pyramid-shaped building surrounding by trees on the left the Pyramid Arena we see a huge "WKNO" in Antique-Olive font and colored silver in 3D over the Memphis Bridge next to the Pyramid Arena. It makes a reflection in the water and "Memphis" writes itself out in a small salmon pink cursive font under "WKNO" and it too reflects in the water which he has small waves. Then we fade out.

SFX: Other than Memphis writing out along with the waves it's really just a still "WKNO" logo but a beautiful-looking one nevertheless.

Music: Usually neither silent nor has the closing theme of a show playing over the end. When used as a program intro tag it does use I believe neither a majestic synthesizer tune nor a glockenspiel riff.

Availability: Burt Wolf's cooking shows on PBS tend to have this logo as well as reruns of Justin Wilson's Looking Back, which is a re-edited version of Justin Wilson's very first TV cooking show called Cookin' Cajun, which is produced by The Mississippi Educational Television Network in 1972, with new introductions by Justin Wilson himself. You can also see it on an Elvis Presley special.

Scare Factor: Low to median the huge "WKNO" could put people off, but this is a fine logo.