GoAnimate OriginalsEdit

1st logo 

(2002-May 12, 2006)

Logo: in a black wood background with famous goanimate characters, the logo of Go!Animate slides in and it stops, 

and the word created by and the slogan comes fades in sliding,

and the logo freezes.

FX/SFX: the animation.

Music/Sounds: None. in the goanimate short, the mild laughing, the whoosh when the logo slides, at the end it hears the synth tune.

Availblity: seen on the end of goanimate shows.

Scare Factor: Low.

2nd Logo

(May 15, 2006-May 14, 2018)

Logo: in the black background, we see the surprise cube coming in, falling, when it drops into the screen, it pops, then it explodes into characters from its bottom. then it forms into the logo.

FX/SFX: Same as 1st logo and Animation for 2006!

Music/Sounds; the PSSH noise as the box drops itself, the yelling and laughing & screaming  when it explodes into famous characters.

Availblity: Current for 2006.

Scare Factor: None.

Vyond Originals

(May 14, 2018-)

Logo: in the same black background of before, eric comes and throws a v from the vyond logo. the rest of the letters (Y O N D) comes. it forms the vyond logo. eric comes up. and says [this [TV Show] will be great]. the vyond logo comes to the bottom and originals fades below vyond.

Trivia: on DVD, he says [this [DVD] will be great]. aslo, in netflix, he says [this netflix thingy will be great]. aslo, on cinemas, he says [this [movie] from the [theater name] at [city] [state] will be great]. even on blu ray, he says [this [blu-ray] will be great].

FX/SFX: same as the 1st logo and animation for 2018.

Music/Sounds: eric's ditty then eric saying something.

Avabilliy: 1st used in popeye the salior's new show.

Scare Factor: see 2nd logo.