NOTE: This is a dream logo; you cannot see this in real life!


This is the kids block on Vyond Network. It was originally called "GoAnimate Programming for Children" until the name change on May 6, 2018.

GoAnimate Programming for ChildrenEdit

(December 31, 1994-September 4, 2006)

Nickname: "The Young Characters"

Logo: on a orange background, the 5th goanimnate pictures logo (already formed) comes in place. the characters turn young. the text turns to "GoAnimate Programming for Children" and the byline morphs to "a GoAnimate Kids Channel Company".


  • from 1997-2006, the 5th logo is replaced by the 6th logo with the byline a goanimate kids channel company.
  • the Home Entertainemnt variant has this logo, but at the end, it zooms out to reveal it's in a disc and a dvd case comes in and opens. the disc comes in and the case closes.

Sign off variant: after the block, the logo is in reverse.

FX/SFX: the characters turning into kids.

Music/Sounds: same as the Goanimate Pictures 1994 Music, but when the characters turn into kids, t turns into a zylophone remix of the song.

Avability: 1st seen in child goanimate.

scare factor: none.

GoAnimate Kidz and TeenzEdit

(September 5, 2006-May 5, 2018)

Logo: on the same orange background from before, eric comes and dances. the other characters comes and dances as well. they then turn young. the text "GoAnimate Kidz" fades in. the other 2 characters turn into teens. then, "and Teenz" fades in below GoAnimate Kidz.

rest TBA

Vyond ChiblockEdit

(May 6, 2018-)