Scare factors determine how scary a logo is. The scare factor can range from none to nightmare, depending on how scary a logo is. (Don't get me started on Oz Film Company. That shouldn't be brought up right now.) Some logos have variants with higher or lower scare factors, while others have multiple scare factors. (Example: Low to Medium)

Scare FactorsEdit

Here are the scare factors for logos, being lowest to highest.

None - Not scary in the slightest.

Minimal - May scare a few people, but plain harmless.

Low - May cause a few spooks.

Medium - Slightly scary, but usually harmless.

High - Pretty scary, stay away if you can.

Nightmare - The highest on the scale. Viewer discretion is advised, it will scare MANY people.

Pseudo Scare FactorsEdit

Moderate - Between Low and Medium.

Goosebumps - Between High and Nightmare.



  • People often say that the scariest logos can be considered "off the scale"
  • A lot of logos, such as the 1998 Klasky Csupo logo can be unintentionally scary, while others, such as Horror Factory, are intentionally scary, often lowering or raising the scare factor.
    • Seizure inducing logos usually have a high scare factor, usually Nightmare.