Note: This is a dream logo you cannot see in real life.

(October 12, 2018-)

Logo: same as the Vyond Pictures logo, but it's textless, plus. eric looks at the logo. he walks way and the camera follows eric to a white background. the logo has a sideways semicircle in black. until eric turns into combo panda. it zooms out to reveal he was in the "P" on a black background. the p is in a disney font. then, the black background changes into the black text "PYBEN" on a white background while the P turns black. then, the "PYBEN" goes to next to the P forming the "PPYBEN" logo. combo panda jums out of the P and turns into the roblox logo.then, a pokeball falls to his hand. then, the YouTube Profile Picture from PeppaPigYes BabyEinsteinNo without combo panda and a pokeball falls over. then, he gets in and does the same ose as in the profile picture, forming the profile. then, the charatcers comes, looks around and starts dancing. "Pictures" fades in. after, the byline "a WarnerMedia Company, a Vyond Company" flys in. then, something Happens:

  • the TV Movie (Trailer): eric pulls the screen to a scene from the movie.

FX/SFX: same as the Vyond Pictures logo but the space bacgkround.

Music/Sounds: the song called "You've got Zero" from the numberblocks with it's Vyond Pictures Music and Vyond Animation Music.

Avability: 1st used in the TV Movie.