Background: Launched in 1995 Highschool Sweethearts was a production company owned by Fran Drescher and her husband Peter Marc Jacobson. The company's main purpose was to produce The Nanny. When the show ended in 1999 Drescher and Jacobson closed Highschool Sweethearts.


Nicknames: The Nanny Having a Tender Moment The Lovers The Nanny's First Date

Logo: In a dark bedroom we see a cartoon version of Peter Marc Jacobson (who is holding a remote) and Fran Dresher in bed illuminated by a large spotlight. The man and the woman lean in and kiss and the logo zooms out slightly to reveal the text:



in a scraggly Addam's Family-type font in a picture frame above them. Drescher puts her hand on Jacobson's cheek. Jacobson looks at the camera slyly and then turns off the logo with the spotlight shrinking into the bottom-right corner of the screen. The logo cuts to either the 1993 TriStar Television logo or Sony Pictures Television logo.

Varient: There is a version that features no zooming out of the logo.

FX/SFX: All of the (cartoon) animation.

Music/Sounds: A three-note Kenny G-escue sax tune.

Availibility: Seen on 1995-1999 episodes of The Nanny on Nick at Nite. Seen on Nick N Nite reruns of every The Nanny episodes.

Scare Factor: None.