• This is a dream logo, you cannot see this in real life!
  • This company is a division of Vyond Pictures. Now, it's an in-name-only division of Vyond Classics.

1st Logo

Logo: This is not really a logo, only an in-credit disclaimer. We see the text "From Business Friendly Studios" and a copyright info.

FX: None.

Music: The show's closing theme.

Availability: Rare.

Scare Factor: Possibly none.

2nd Logo

Logo: We see a picture of a very frail and bitter looking man (nicknamed by the team as "Tom.") He blinks and coughs, and forces his mouth into an insincere smile. "Business Friendly Studios" wipes in underneath. Then a laser brings forth any one of these logos:

  • Nelvana (Octavious: The Animated Series, The Brian Show (1989-1995)
  • Sony Pictures Television (Name That Cheese)
  • DiC Entertainment (The Adventures of Ronnie Weasel)
  • Touchstone Television (Wrathington Heights)
  • Juniper Hills Inc. (Inky Black)
  • Saban International (The Brian Show - American Releases (1995-1998)
  • Columbia Pictures TV (The Brian Show - Canada Releases (1995-1998)

FX: All cel animation except the laser.

Music: A piano chord, followed by a little girl saying, "Tom, where's the toothpaste?". Then when Tom smiles, an ugly creaking sound is heard. Name That Cheese has the theme playing over it.


  • The Nelvana variation has the byline for Corus Entertainment in a "spooky" font.
  • The laser turns to the left in The Brian Show.
  • The DiC variation has the girl who said "Tom, where's the toothpaste" replaced by a boy saying the word "Dic". This appeared in both the Kid in Bed and Incredible World variations.
  • The Inky Black variation used the print logo.
  • Sometimes, the girl's voice is sped up and sounds bad.

Availability: Uncommon, but not plastered. The studios have been generous in preserving this strange logo.

Scare Factor: High. That ugly creaking sound can be murder on the ears.

3rd Logo
(1998-2006, March 14-28, 2018)

Logo: We see a picture of Tom flipping toward the screen. "Business Friendly Studios" appears via "rippling effect".

FX: Rippling of the letters.

Music: A slow, gentle orchestra. On California Dream (2000), a different piece was heard that carried over to the Columbia TriStar logo. Can have the closing theme over it as well.


  • The Brian Show had this logo with "PRODUCED IN ASSOCIATION WITH" when it was switched over from Saban to Vyond Television Distribution in 1998.
  • On 2-part episodes of Name That Cheese, the logo is completely still.
  • On a second season episode of Name That Cheese, the word "FROM" was positioned above.
  • A version with the most horrible film quality ever appears on the season 2 finale of Name That Cheese.
  • The 3rd season of Name That Cheese has a brighter version and new-looking.

Availability: Uncommon. Unfortunately, Business Friendly Studios has been folded into Vyond Pictures in 2006. It was revived in March 14, 2018 and only lasted for 14 days before going in-name-only.

Scare Factor: Low.