Background: AniNation Studios is an animation studio located in California founded in 1996. The studio is known for projects such as Random World and the Paul Papaya franchise. Christan from Random World is their mascot.


Logo 3 (2006-Present)

Nicknames: "The Logo That Appears After The Shows", "Christan Tripping"

Logo: A Ani zooms in and then zooms out to reveal Nation next to it. Then STUDIOS fades in. Then Christan (from Random World) comes down from the top and lands on the o. He then trips from the t and lands on the D in STUDIOS.


On The Paul Papaya Movie (the first movie to use this logo), the logo (except Christan) fades out, and "20" and "Years" fade in, (Years is smaller and under "20") and Christan moves inside the 0, and "Celebrating" fades in above and "of awesome animation" fades in under "Years".

On The first episode of Idiots of America called "And so it all began...", the logo is still and over the credits.

On Paul Papaya 2, There is Paul Papaya instead of Christan.

On Idiots of America and the Random World 1 hour episode "Mason's Need for Awesome", Christan trips from the i instead of t.

At the end of Random World: The Movie, Eric is gone. Plus, the exclamation mark is replaced with, surprisingly, a vertical brick.

There is a short version where the logo formation is taken out. This is usually shown at the end of TV shows.

A sky background version exists on the first episode of Amber and Toxic on Toonopolis on FOX.

A version exists where "STUDIOS" is replaced with "PICTURES". This was only seen on the DTV movie P.O.I.N.T and Random World Power Movie!.

On 3D Releases of films, We start with a black screen. The camera pans to the right as we see the previous Anination logo animation as usual. Instead of "STUDIOS" fading in, it fades in, then zooms in until it stops under the AniNation logo. The rest of the logo plays as normal. 

Music/Sound Effects: A sound depending on what movement it is. May have the opening theme over it, or the end theme overlapping everything.

Availability: Common. First seen on The Paul Papaya Movie. "Random World" and "Paul Papaya" air on AniNation Network, so you can see it. AniNation and FOX's block Toonopolis on FOX keeps this logo intact. Also seen on Random World and episodes of Idiots of America. Also seen on 2006-present movies from AniNation.

Scare Factor: None.